General Info

General Info:


The Army Style Youth Diversion Training Course (Operation "Hard Yakka") is physically challenging and mentally demanding. Trainees will be required to work hard for up to 7 days a week with little time available for recreation. Trainees will learn and develop many new skills during their training. Some trainees will find the change to an army lifestyle difficult, but most satisfactorly make the transition and go on to complete complete in their chosen field of education or employment. They should be aware that when they sign on, they have voluntarily signed a contract to serve in Operation "Hard Yakka". Prior to signing the contract trainees will be informed on these requirements.

Operation "Hard Yakka" Involves:


During the Army Style Youth Diverson Training Course trainees will be required to take part in Physical Training, Drill, Field Craft, Adventure-Based Challenges, Job Search training, Community Awareness, and Indigenous Culture. The majority of the time will be spent in barracks receiving theory and practical instruction. Trainees will learn how to wear their uniform correctly, and maintain personal equipment and room to the standard required by the army. The training is deliberately challenging and has been designed to prepare them for re-entering the Education System or Employment in the workforce. The training is intense, with limited time for personal administration. Trainees gain a sense of achievement, purpose and confidence during basic training, and on completion of the course feel justifiably proud of what they have achieved.

Progress & Assessments


Throughout their time on Operation "Hard Yakka" they will be continually assessed on the skills, knowledge and attitude required for Education or Employment.

To mark the completion of the course, trainees take part in aceremonial parade. Visitors are invited to view this parade which takes place at the training centre on the last day of the course. A luncheon is held for the families and guests of the trainees after the March Out Parade. Trainees are encouraged to keep in contact with Operation Hard Yakka Staff on a regularbasis as well as their parents.