Oz Adventure - Schools


Oz Adventures, (Queensland School of Adventure & Training) has enjoyed a successful long standing partnership with school and other organisations in the Wide Bay and further a field in Queensland. The scope this relationship has expanded over a 21 year period to include all Key Concepts to Individual and Team Effectiveness, Behaviour Management and a range of guided treks and camping excursions.


Oz Adventures, (Queensland School of Adventure & Training) as a premier adventure-based training organisation, is ideally positioned to provide solutions to your Schools Outdoor Education needs. Oz Adventures (QSAT) prides itself upon its ability to deliver to schools a large range of activities and venues from which to select. This ability stems from our investment in relationships with various venue and activity providers and from our experienced staff and their understanding of your needs and your groups requirements.

Firstly: Our team is experienced in providing safe and challenging programs for schools and students of all ages and abilities. Secondly: Our quality and safety standards are second to none, Oz Adventures, (QSAT) will not compromise where safety of participants are concerned. After much review, we are able to meet or exceed all requirements stated.

School Program Design:

The program would be structured around the concept of Experiential Learning, which follows the rationale that doing something does not necessarily result in any particular learning unless we: Observe the result of the action (both the planned and the unplanned); Reflect on what worked well and what could have been different; and Plan, i.e. implement the learning from the observation and reflection by planning to perform better in the next event. This planning can take the form of goal setting and will ideally be applied to both the training program and the participants broader existence (home, sport)

It has been recognised that if learning objectives for an activity or game are discussed they are more likely to be achieved. The experiential learning process of observing and reflecting allows us to evaluate our goals, reset new goals and to take our new knowledge with us to the next task. (continuous improvement)

The experiential learning process has been successful when learning from one situation can be transferred to another.