Boot Camp Queensland

Operation Hard Yakka

Monday 26th February 2024 to Friday 8th March 2024

OzAdventures would like to announce that the next Hard Yakka program will be running from Monday 26th of Februray to the 8th of March 2024.

Discover the transformative power of Operation Hard Yakka, an innovative youth development and training initiative inspired by the Australian military ethos. Our program offers troubled youth a structured pathway towards personal growth and success, combining rigorous training methods with mentorship and support. Join us on a journey of empowerment and resilience-building, where every challenge overcome leads to a brighter future.


Program Structure:

At the core of our program lies the philosophy of experiential learning, a dynamic approach that emphasises active engagement and reflection to foster profound growth. We believe that true learning emerges when individuals:

  1. Observe the outcomes of their actions, both intended and unforeseen.
  2. Reflect on the successes and areas for improvement.
  3. Strategize and plan, integrating newfound insights into future endeavors, encompassing not only the program’s activities but also extending into participants’ daily lives, whether at home or in sports.

Research has shown that articulating learning objectives enhances their attainment. By embracing the experiential learning model, we empower participants to continuously evaluate their goals, recalibrate as necessary, and carry forward newfound knowledge into every facet of their lives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Success in our program is measured by the ability to seamlessly transfer insights gained from one experience to another, ensuring that learning becomes a versatile tool for navigating life’s challenges.