Our Story

Our Story

Our Story


Welcome to Oz Adventures, your destination for unforgettable adventure experiences and comprehensive training programs in Queensland, Australia. At Oz Adventures, we believe in the transformative power of adventure based learning and specialise in offering dynamic programs tailored to individuals, schools, corporate teams, and youth groups including our boot camp for teens. 

Oz Adventures (QSAT) staff are known as some of the best in the field of experiential adventure based training and education. Our staff have all gone through a rigorous training program and are constantly evaluated as per requirements with the education department. 

Our chief training officer, Bob Davis used his wealth of knowledge from his experience within the Australian Army to help build OzAdventures into the facility it is today.

Adventure and Training Program Queensland

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill development with our adventure and training programs in the breathtaking landscapes of Queensland. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, team bonding, or leadership enhancement, our meticulously crafted programs cater to all age groups and skill levels. Experience the thrill of learning through action with our adventure based training initiatives. Our innovative approach combines outdoor challenges with practical skill-building activities to foster teamwork, resilience, and personal development.

Operation Hard Yakka 

Supporting troubled teens on their path to positive change, our specialised boot camp programs provide a structured environment for growth, accountability, and self-discovery. Through mentorship and adventure based activities, we empower teens to overcome challenges and embrace their potential. Through a blend of adventure, mentorship, and structured activities, we instill confidence, discipline, and positive life skills in young individuals. This intensive program offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking personal growth and overcoming obstacles through perseverance and teamwork.

Outdoor Education School Program

Ignite a passion for learning in the great outdoors with our comprehensive outdoor education school programs. Designed to complement classroom curriculum, our hands-on experiences promote environmental awareness, leadership skills, and personal growth. If you are looking to create lasting memories and facilitate educational experiences our facility located on the Fraser Coast is ideal for school camps and excursions, from team challenges to nature hikes, our diverse range of activities caters to the interests and learning objectives of students across all age groups.

Corporate Team Building Fraser Coast

Elevate your team dynamics and performance with our bespoke corporate team-building experiences in the scenic Fraser Coast region. Our customised programs promote communication, collaboration, and trust among team members, leading to enhanced productivity and morale.