Corporate Training Adventure Activities

Our Experiential Adventure-Based Training Programs cater for all age groups, due to the many different needs that businesses have it is much better for us and you to discuss these needs and design a program that will be both Effective and Efficient plus have Quality Outcomes. Each activity has a Briefing on Safety, Description of Equipment with a Debrief and Reflection/Evaluation at the completion.

Our own Instructors/Facilitators conduct all of these activities on site. Our facilitators have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is passed on to participants as well as remaining Safe and Fun. Please ask for our Risk Assessment Forms that all our staff are required to understand and abide by.

All the Activities can include Key Concepts such as Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Listening and Communication Skills, Confidence, Self Discipline and Self Control, Understanding of Self and Others, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership, Trust, Difference of Opinions, etc.

The following activities can be included into your Corporate Program.


On site we have a 10 metre Abseiling Tower that is able to have 4 Abseiler’s going over at the same time, the tower also has an Overhang and Climbing Walls, the techniques we utilise are designed for progressional training, if time permits this type of training can lead to other techniques. The first technique is called – Single Rope Backwards Abseil, if time permits on your program other techniques can be taught such as: Australian Karabener Rundown (Forward Rap Jump) Flying Wedge (Double Rope forward) Overhang (No Wall) Star Jump (Forward, No Wall) Snake Slide (Forward Upside Down, like a snake) etc. (Age Limit Conditions)


Climbing is a means of ascending using Safety Harnesses, Ropes and are Belayed as they Climb, the Tower has the ability to cater for 4 Climber’s at one time. (Age Limit Conditions)

Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course has 18 sections that keeps everyone busy great for all ages and is a good lead in for the High Rope, when doing this activity groups work in teams of 3 , 1 doing the challenges and 2 acting as spotters (Safety) Excellent for Listening and Communication Skills.

High Ropes Course

Our High Ropes Course is constructed using poles and trees around a lake environment, it has 10 sections ranging from 6 metres to 18 metres in height, this activity requires team work and each participant is required to utilise Safety Tape Lines under supervision. (Age Limit Conditions)

High Element Challenges

Pamper Pole: (Leap of Faith) 7 metres up and, stand on a pole and jump forward to try to grab a Trapeze, Get lowered down under control.
Centipede: 12 metres up climb 1 beam after another to reach the top.
Dangle Duo: (Horizontal Logs) 12 Metres High, make it to the top working in pairs.
Ding A Ling: (Caving Ladder) 12 Metres High, climb to the top using mind body coordination.
Possum Pull: Team High Element Challenge. 15metres High.
(Age Limit Conditions)

Flying Foxes

2 Zip Wires (Flying Fox) (1 over water) from the High Ropes Course the other over land from the Abseiling Tower

Group Dynamic Problem Solving Challenges

Designed for Team Building and Group Bonding and all other Key Concepts, these activities include * Spiders Web
* Time Tunnel
* All Aboard
* Electric Fence
* The Wall
* The Bucket
* Jungle Swing
* Zig Zag
* The Trolley
* Unbalance Log
* Adventure Challenge
The group will be divided into teams an issued a map, instructions and itineraries, their aim is to follow the clues and maps to complete a scavenger hunt, at the completion of this activity the groups will be asked to finish their task. * Survivor We put the teams through a series of tests that are both fun and stimulating, when the tests have been successfully completed they can go back to the campsite. We have many, many, more challenges that are too numerous to mention.

Map Reading and Navigation Courses

On site we have 2 Navigational (Orienteering) Course, one for Primary School ages and a more challenging one for High School up, other courses can be set up as required. Subjects covered in Map reading include Compass Work, Navigational Data Sheet, Map Details, Pacing, etc. Participants work in small groups to achieve goals.


Canoeing is one of the most popular activities in the warmer months. We have a number of lakes on site our main lake is the largest private man made lake in the district. In the canoeing sessions we cover all the Safety aspects of the sport as well as paddling techniques, rafting up, capsize drills, etc. They are 2 person canoes which require teamwork.

Still Water Rafting

Fun with a challenge is best to describe this activity, a design is given to the groups, they are then required to work as a team to layout, construct and navigate around an obstacle course without the Raft breaking up.

Military Style Obstacle Course

A series of ongoing team challenges that is military designed, get to get any team to work together, this is a very physical challenge and will need everyone involved to participate at their best, the course is built on and around a marsh full of water and trees, come off and you get drenched (muddy)

Gel Ball

Gel Ball is a fast action packed adventure sport for all people of all ages, however children under 9 years must have an adult play on the fields with them. It’s a sport were everyone is equal, physical attributes does not create good players, but quick thinking, luck, daring and teamwork does.

Gel Ball can be conducted just for fun or a program can be drawn up to suit using the same Key Concepts as the other activities.

Corporate Rates Apply.

Additional Activity Options

(The following activities are priced separately and can be included in you program on request)
Horse Riding Susan River provides up to 30 horses – ask for more information if you are interested.

Para Sailing all done on the Large Lake on the Property.

Water Skiing – in safety on the Lake

Other Water Activities (e.g. Banana Rides, Tube Rides) Have fun going around and up and down.

Indigenous Cultural Program

To Be Advised

We are able to organise Tourism Trips for your group

Fraser Island We are able to organise a one day trip to Fraser Island – Australia’s Largest Sand Island.

Whale Watching Half Day Whale Watch – Australia’s Whale Watch Capotial.

Reefworld See Shark Shows, Turtles, every tour is explained in detail.

Other Ten Pin Bowling, Go-Karts, Beach Activities, Museum, Shell Shop, Fishing Trips, etc.