What Is Supplied?

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Supplied To Trainees:

Military Clothing:

Military Clothing will be supplied to the trainees shortly after their arrival at Camp Yakka, Susan River. Trainees will be required to maintain their uniforms including washing. Washing will be conducted on days allocated.


Camouflage Shirts, Camouflage Trousers, Camouflage Hat, Boots, Black Hat Black T-Shirt, Socks.

Civilian Clothing:

Civilian Clothing may only be worn on times allocated by training staff. A detailed list of clothing to bring will be handed out on selection for course.

Military Equipment:

Military Equipment will be issued on arrival at Camp Yakka and will be the total responsibility of the trainees until they hand them back in at the completion.


Pack, Belt, Water Bottles, Pouches, Dixies, Cups Canteen, KFS Set, String, Tent Pegs, Shelter, Ground Sheet, Sleeping Bag.


There’s a saying, eat well, work well. In other words, if they are fed well, they’ll perform well. That is why the food they will enjoy is varied, nutritious and tasty. You honestly couldn’t eat better than this if you cooked at home, or went out to restaurants every night. In fact they will probably never eat this well consistently at any other time in their life.

Typical Menu:

Cereal, Fresh Milk, Eggs to order, Grilled ham slices, Grilled tomatoes, Spaghetti in tomato sauce, Mushrooms, Tea, Coffee, Milo, Fresh Fruit, Toast, or Crumpets.
Sandwiches – ham, ham & cheese, ham & tomato, ham cheese & tomato. Bread rolls as above – salad. Jaffles, Sausage Sizzle, BBQ.
Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken & Chips, Pizzas, Lasagne, Braised Steak, Stews (Beef, Chicken) Pumpkin, potatoes, corn, peas, Selection of sweets.


During training, trainees will be required to live on site. Trainees will find living quarters acceptable and practical, a double share room, trainees share a room with up to 1 other trainee. During the field stages, they will live under army-style shelters, on the ground in their sleeping bags.